Culture Camp

Experience Early American Indian Culture

& Wilderness Survival Skills

Step back in time and stay in a authentic Native American lodge or tipi, learn to put it up and take one down.  Learn to cook over a fire, eat buffalo, wild rice and other authentic American Indian and frontier foods.  Spend part of a day learning to identify wild plants, collect them and learn how to prepare and eat them.  Make a hand drum, a leather shirt, or leather dress, learn to tan hides, learn a little living history and spend the evening around the camp fires listening to music or Native American Origin and Creation Tales.


Limited space available price depends on number of people, days and projects chosen by each person.  Discounts provided for groups, couples and children accompanying parents.  Dates and times for 2011 2012 set to work for groups and individuals. 

email or call 507-825-3734 or 888-550-8675.

Costs will cover all food, housing and most supplies for all the days of the camp.

Keep reading below for more detailed information and application.


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Culture Camp


    507-825-3734 * Keepers PO Box 24 Pipestone, MN. 56164


Experience living in the past,

 make your own crafts and learn survival skills.



Sleep in a Tipi, eat traditional American Indian and Frontier foods, Listen to American Indian Storytelling and immerse yourself in our culture.  Camp is located on a prairie preserve in South West Minnesota. 


Experience Early American Indian Culture

Some of the workshop choices include

  1. Flute Making
  1. Make Leather Doll or Clothing
  1. Flint Knapping
  1. Pipestone Carving
  1. Forging iron
  1. Tan Hides
  1. Make a Hand Drum
  1. Lazy Stitch Beadwork

Please chose two above with 1 and two above with * when Attending to include on the form below


Culture Camp

Sample Menu



Buffalo Burgers & Indian Tacos

as we arrive and set up


Eggs, Potatoes, Toast

Buffalo pot roast with potatoes, onions, carrots, corn and flatbread

Buffalo Chili with onions, beans, tomatoes, celery, peppers & wild rice


Wild rice pancakes, buffalo & chokecherry Jam

Turkey, wild rice stuffing, corn & squash

Corn, potato, seafood chowder & fresh green salad


Corn cakes, Buffalo breakfast gravy

Berry soup with dumplings and squash kabobs

Fresh fish, 3 bean salad with rice and collected wild greens


Wild rice, eggs, buffalo sausage & potatoes

Buffalo burgers with fresh green & toppings

Meat and cheese sandwiches

As we pack up to go



Menu subject to change other items may be made available for special needs if advance request is made including vegetarian.




Tipis are the perfect mobile home.  They provide a shelter away from the harsh elements of the prairies and woodlands. The liner of the tipi provides insulation, ventilation and privacy.


The conical shape of the tipi sheds wind loads from all sides and the narrow top allows the least resistance at the point where the wind is strongest.  Rain and snow are shed easily.  The number of poles used for the frame adds to the strength of the structure.  Tipis were originally made from animal skins, buffalo were preferred but elk was also used in the mountain regions where bison were scarce.  The switch to canvas came in the early 1800ís when traders came with bolts of military canvas to use in trade.  The tipis are lighter in weight and easier to construct than ones made from hides.  Canvas tipis are more durable than hides. As the bison number dwindled canvas became the only material available for tipi construction.  Today bison or buffalo are over  300,000 strong in numbers.  Commercialization of buffalo meat for food has brought them back from the brink of extinction.


If you have never experienced living in a tipi  you are missing out, tipis are more of a home than a tent.  Join us were looking forward to meeting you.





The camp will be located on the restored Carney Prairie Nature Conservancy Preserve it is a beautiful location away from highways and bright lights.  Letting you enjoy the sounds of the prairie each day and the majesty of the stars each night.  See and identify many varieties of native prairie grasses and plants.  Learn about their uses from knowledgeable experts in the field. Each evening join us for songs, and stories around the campfire or participate in an evening workshop before bed.


Workshops At the culture camp will give everyone attending a chance to actually participate in  making items needed for everyday living in an Early American Indian village.   We have a list of workshops which participants can chose from. Most of the workshop costs are included in the price of the camp. 


All food served from Sunday evening to Thursday evening will be prepared by skilled cooks out of the finest ingredients.  The buffalo we serve will be free ranged on the prairie and be free of the hormones and other additives found in most beef.  The wild rice will be hand harvested by American Indians, not the commercially grown and processed rice.  We hope to provide you with a memorable eating experience.


We hope this camp will be a true learning and living adventure.




Sign up For Culture Camp


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When signing up for camp include workshop choices


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We will be sleeping outdoors on the prairie.  There are no roads, phones, or modern connivances.  Those with medical issues or limitations should contact us before deciding whether or not to attend.  We do not discriminate biased on race, religion or disability.  Accommodations will be made whenever possible.


Reserve your space today by sending this form and $550.00 for each person attending.


 We except Visa MasterCard, Discover, checks and money orders

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To:     Keepers

            PO Box 24

            Pipestone, MN. 56164