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Culture Camp


Experience Early American Indian Culture

Step back in time and stay in a authentic Native American lodge or tipi, learn to put it up and take one down.  Learn to cook over a fire, eat buffalo, wild rice and other authentic American Indian and frontier foods.  Spend part of a day learning to identify wild plants, collect them and learn how to prepare and eat them.  Make a hand drum, a leather shirt, or leather dress, learn to tan hides, learn a little living history and spend the evening around the camp fires listening to music or Native American Origin and Creation Tales.


Limited space available price depends on number of people, days and projects chosen by each person.  Discounts provided for groups, couples and children accompanying parents.  Dates and times for 2008 & 2009 set to work for groups and individuals. 

email or call 507-825-3734 or 888-550-8675.

Costs will cover all food, housing and supplies for all the days of the camp.

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