March 1999 Rona Moore

Honoring The Elders Gathering

To Be held in conjunction with our 4th Annual Blessing

We need to know what members plan to attend. Please fill out the form for the blessing and indicate how you will be participating. This will make it easier for us to plan this event.

Keep spreading the word about the event. We are still looking for drums, dancers, artists, bodys to work and money to cover all the expenses. If you have sources or ideas please give me a call.

We met with the city Feb 16th and we were granted permission to use the park. We can have 12 people stay in their lodges on park property and additional people if needed on the Keepers property. Only people with white canvas primitive style lodges can set up around the depot during the event. There is camping two block away at the KOA campground.

The meeting with the County for use of Fair grounds was Feb. 23. we were granted use of the fair grounds by a unanimous vote. One of the county commissioners wanted to charge us a deposit or fee for clean up, but Jack Keers said, "no, we have never charged anyone else and we are not going to charge them."

We have had two meetings with Darrel Zephier and Breon Lake about the organization of the drummers, dancers, and other details.

Travis and Nicole with some help from Bud and Rona wrote up a grant to submit to Brunswick, which is the company that owns bayliner where Travis works. Jerry Daniels a grant writer in Ohio has also written and submitted about 20 proposal letters in the last couple of weeks.

The Super 8 hotel and the Calumet will give a 10% discount to anyone mentioning the Pow Wow when they get their rooms.

Is anyone is interested in helping paint the tipis ??. Anyone who might be interested in doing demonstrations, dancing, drumming, storytelling, attending the sweat lodge or volunteering please call Rona 507-825-3741 or 507-825-3734 or fill out the registration form and send it in. Always interested in your input and ideas.

Pow Wows

Bud & Rona went to the 28th annual Seminol Fair in Hollywood Florida. The show was a real flop and did not have near the people as they have had in previous years. We talked to a number of people who are interested in what The Keepers are doing. We gave out 25 membership applications to interested parties. We talked to a lady who volunteers for a Native group in NY. They spend time working in a hospice and would like someone to come and show these people how to use a pipe.

Sunday Rona & Bud went to the SDSU Pow Wow. They had 16 drums and a good number of dancers. Jessica ( she is in our dance group) participated in the traditional dance compitition. She had a number of people comment on how well she did. Now she wants to be a traditional dancer.

Met an Elder who was involved in AIM years ago and new Adam. He was glad to here that Adam was doing well.

The Bookings Pow Wow was slow but we did sell enough stuff to cover the cost of the booth space. We also got a chance to talk with some of the people, about what we are doing and some of the vendors about setting up at our Pow Wow in Aug.. Two of them said the would like to come. They have been sent more information about the event.






The Keepers Jackets.


Jean jacket (short) ________color $90.00

Jean jacket (long) ________color $100.00

Short zippered jacket ________color $80.00

Polar fleece jacket ________color $80.00

Jackets come in Blue or Black






Number of jackets Ordered __________

Shipping $5.00 each / Enclosed $_____________

If you are interested in another color or style of jacket just give us a call and we will see what can be done to get you what you are looking for. If you need a different size or want childrens sizes again please call us. We can also have the design embroidered on your favorite jacket cost $48.00 your jacket must be clean but does not have to be new, it will take about three weeks to get it done. If you want your name on the front it is $6.00 more.





Thanks to:

Ed Ritter for helping with the year 2000 calendar. I know that your picture will look great in the calendar

Adam Fortunate Eagle for letting us use his pipe pictures in the year 2000 calendar.

Bud Johnston all his work including writing resumes for many of the artists that are in the calendar

Nicole Erickson Helping with the drumming and dance classes

Argus Dowdy for allowing us to use pipe pictures to include in the calendar

Rona and Bud have been busy keeping the office running. The phones seem to be always ringing so they spend many hours on the phone each week. The Keepers get more in the mail now than just the bills. The last two weeks have been a little slow but most weeks we get letters of inquiry or memberships in the mail.

Bud and Rona have also spent numerous hours doing research to find some Minnesota foundations whos funding area and priorities fit want we are doing. Troy Strom at the city will help us organize and write grants for economic development.. So we are working on finding at least 20 places to submit letters of inquiry as well as an outline and some numbers to base the letter of inquiry on.

The Economic development grants would focus on the business organization, jobs, and the renovations of the two former Pipestone Indian School building which we are working on acquiring.

There is now legislation in the legislature to have the two building declared surplus so that they can be given to us. Bud Johnston wrote letters to numerous state office to get this done. Richard Mulder MN. state house of representatives was kind enough to write us a letter supporting want we are doing and drafted a bill to get the ball rolling. Bud and Rona then had a meeting with Paul Dobds and Ron Wood at Minnesota West College, where we were told that they would stand behind giving us the building if we would work with the school by offering a partnership. They wanted to be able to use the facilities and work with us to provide some class for the college students which they can not offer at this time. Like having Elders come in and do talks, work study or lab classes at the residence academy. We have also been trying to get some information about the rules and regulations for a residential academy in the gym. It seems that the local Family Services Office does not know who we should talk to about that. We have already had a contractor come out to get an estimate on some of the work. Their is still so much left to do.

Rona did 3 dream catcher classes in Jasper Monday March 1st. The classes had from 20 to 30 kids in each class. It well but it was sure busy. Everyone went home with a nice looking dream catcher.

We have a couple of new members but because we are so busy they will be list next months news letter.

We have updated web service now and a new email address we will have our old address till June. Please change this address before then.

We finally got an OCR program that will convert some of the records from the Pipestone Indian School into text documents but most of it can not be converted with the OCR program. Which means that some one will have to put the other information in by hand. We are still saving all the information onto a CD ROM for storage.

Last month "We have talked about obtaining books about pipes, Native stories and culture and art as a resource for members and research. What do you think? Do you have books that you think we should include if we were to do something like this? Maybe some members would have books that they would like to donate to get us started." We are waiting and would like to hear your opinions and ideas about this project.





Thanks to everyone for your help in getting together the year 2000 calendar. We should have our proofs back by next week and calendars soon after. We need warm bodies to help us sell this calendar. We hope that a yearly calendar will be a successful money raising event, but we will need everyone to help us pull it off.

We are sure that everyone is going to need one of these calendars they will retail for $12.00 and wholesale for $6.00.

The following pipe Artists will be in the year 2000 calendar Argus Dowdy, Adam Fortunate Eagle, Bud Johnston, Travis Erickson, Butch Taylor, Rona Moore, Ed Ritter & Jack Crow.







For Sale

The Pipemaker Video - This video has won awards for being an excellent documentary. The film lets you see how the Pipestone is quarried and how pipes are made. The artists in this video share their ideas and beliefs about this ancient art. $25.00 + $3.00 shipping

Wild Rice: bag of wild rice contains about 2 cups enough rice to make a large pot of soup. Rice is broken but cooks much faster than unbroken rice. $5.00 a bag about $1.50 shipping.

leather bags about 3x4 inches with fringe and a leather lace to put larger medicine objects, carry tobacco, or as small purse $15.00 + $2.00 shipping

Native Art cards various designs $2.25 each package of ten cards $22.50 + $3.00 shipping

Pipestone Turtles: these hand made stone turtles make a great gift. What better gift but a wish for long life, patience, and determination. $5.00 -+ $1.50 shipping

Pipestone Pipes: Have questions about making your pipe like what tools, where to get stone, what to use for a stem, or how to polish the bowl. Call Keepers

Contact the Keepers to purchase any items listed in this news letter

#10 seed beads black, blue, white, red, green. Beads are sold to members at $1.50 a hank plus shipping non members pay $2.25

Leather dear skin $2.25 a square foot for members. Leather is buff colored sizes vary. Non members pay $3.50 a square foot. Shipping varies

#13 o cuts beautiful beads that shine like cut stones. $4.50 a hank for members and $6.75 for non members plus shipping.

Leather sewing needles the best around large medium and small all $2.25 each plus shipping

Remember all members get 10% off all items that do not have a special members price










Legend of the Dream Catcher

Long ago when the world was young, an old Lakota spiritual leader was on a high mountain and had a vision.

In his vision, Iktomi, the great trickster and teacher of wisdom, appeared in the form of a spider.

Iktomi spoke to him in a sacred language that only the spiritual leaders of the Lakota could understand.

As he spoke Iktomi, the spider, took the elders willow hoop which had feathers, horse hair, beads and offerings on it and began to spin a web.

He spoke to the elders about the cycles of life...and how we began our lives as infants and we move onto childhood, and then to adult hood. Finally we go to old age where we must be taken care of as infants, completing the cycle.

"But," Iktomi said as he continued to spin his web, "in each time of our life there are many forces -- some good and some bad. If you listen to the good forces, they will steer you in the right direction. But if you listen to the bad forces, they will hurt you and steer you in the wrong direction."

He continued, There are many forces and different directions that can help or interfere with the harmony of nature, and also with the Great Spirit and all of his wonderful teachings."

All the while the spider spoke, he continued to weave his web starting from the outside and working toward the center.

When Iktomi finished speaking, he gave the Lakota elder the web and said..."See, the web is a perfect circle but there is a whole in the center of the circle."

He said," Use the web to help yourself and your people to reach your goals and make good use of your peoples ideas, dreams and visions.

"If you believe in the Great Spirit, the web will catch your good ideas -- and the bad ones will go through the hole."

The Lakota elder passed on his vision to his people and now the Sioux Indians use the dream catcher as a web of their life.

It is hung above their beds or in their home to sift their dreams and visions.

The good in their dreams are captured in the web the web of life and carried with them...but the evil in their dreams escapes throughout the hole in the center of the web and are no longer part of them.

They believe that the dream catcher holds the destiny of their future.

Walter Bresette

Red Cliff - Walter A. Bresette, 51, red cliff died Sunday February 21 1999, at St. Marys medical Center, Duluth Minnesota. He was born July 4th 1947, in Howard, the son of Wilfred and Blanche ( LaFernier) Bresette.

He graduated form Bayfield High School in 1964, served in the US Army for 4 years and graduated from the Chicago School of Art. He was a member of the Loon Clan, Red Cliff Band of Lake Superior Chippewas. He has been co-owner/ operator of the Buffalo Bay Trading Company in Red Cliff for a number of years.

He will be remembered as an Anishinabe peace and justice advocate, an environmental, treaty rights, and community activist, author, elegant speaker and writer: lecturer, and trainer of people as " Witnesses for Non- Violence". He was a fun loving traditional man who believed in fight for the rights of all people.

He was the co-founder for the witness for nonviolence, Midwest treaty network, Anishinabe Niijii , Lake Superior Greens and Wisconsin Greens. He had been a founding board member of WOJB Public Radio on the Lac Courts Oreillas Reservation, served as a host of the Anishinabe Way Cultural and Spiritual Sobriety Gatherings and Protect the Earth Community Gatherings in Northern Wisconsin.

Current active affiliations include, The Lake Superior Alliance, Great Lakes Regional Indigenous Environmental Network, Arctic to Amozonia, W.A.T.E.R. Campaign, the Waub Ojeeg Institute for Cultural Preservation, Anishinabe Millennium Project, Project Underground and Honor The Earth Campaign.

Surviving are four children, Nicholas Bresette, Peoria, ILL; Claudia Joy, Kathy B., Robin Walter and their mother Cass Joy Bresette, all of Madison; six brothers, Stanley (Bonnie) Bresette, Red Cliff; James (Sharon) Bresette, Wausau; Dannis (Patricia) Bresette, Ashland; Randolph Bresette, Bayfield; Joseph Bresette, Red Cliff; and Richard (Laura) LaFernier, Warrensburg, MO.; numerous nieces, nephews, cousins, aunts & uncles; two special friends, Frank Koehn, Herbster; and Ellie Schoenfeld, Duluth, MN.

He was preceded in death by his father, Henry, in 1989; and his mother Blanche in 1992.

The funeral service will be at 10:30 am. Thursday at Holy Family Catholic Church, Bayfield, with Father Glenn Phillips OFM officiating.

Visitation will be after 5PM Wednesday at the Red Cliff Youth Center with a prayer service at 7 PM

Interment will be in the St. Francis Cemetery, Red Cliff. Members of the Red Cliff and Bayfield VFW and American Legion Post will conduct military rites at the cemetery.

Memorials or donations may be made in memory of Walter and sent to Route 1 Box 117, Bayfield, WI 54814 c\o Joseph Bresette, his brother.

A Book is being compiled about Walter Bresettes life and anyone who has a story or thoughts about his life is asked to please send it to: Anishinabe Niijii, Att. Sandy Lyon, Box 31 Springbrook, WI 54875 or E-mail to

Bratley Funeral Home, Washburn, is handling the arrangements.

Tea Of Life

Essiac, a harmless herbal tea, was used by Canadian nurse Rene Caisse to successfully treat thousands of cancer patients from the 1920s until her death in 1978 at the age of ninety. Refusing payment for her services, instead accepting only voluntary contributions, the Bracebridge, Ontario, nurse brought remissions to hundreds of documented cases, many abandoned as "hopeless" or "terminal" by orthodox medicine. She aided countless more in prolonging life and relieving pain. Caisse obtained remarkable results against a wide variety of cancers, treating persons by administering Essiac through hypodermic injection or oral ingestion.



The formula for the herbal remedy was given to Caisse in 1922 by a hospital patient whose breast cancer had been healed by an Ontario Indian medicine man. Essiac came within just three votes of being legalized by the Canadian parliament in 1938. Over the years, many prominent physicians voiced their support for the efficacy of Caisse's medicine. For example, Dr. Charles Brusch-a founder of the prestigious Brusch Medical Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and a former physician to President John F. Kennedy-declared that "Essiac has merit in the treatment of cancer" and revealed that he cured his own cancer with it. In a notarized statement made on April 6, 1990, Dr. Brusch testified, "I endorse this therapy even today for I have in fact cured my own cancer, the original site of which was the lower bowels, through Essiac alone."

More next month

Honoring The Elders Gathering

4Th Annual Blessing & Pow Wow August 27 & 28 & 29th 1999

Name ________________________________


City ________________________________

State & Zip ____________________________ Phone_____________ E-mail ______________

Art demonstrator ( Pipecarver, Beadwork, Basketry, Quillwork, Silversmith, Leather, Other________________)

Trader - Seller of ($15.00)_______________

Native Drum Group - Drummer ____________________________________

Native Dance - Style ___________________

Speaker - Storyteller (Subject)_____________________________

Attend Sweat Lodge Saturday Night

Attend Blessing ceremony on Sunday

Tribal member __________________________

Native Heritage _________________________

Tribal information not required but please include. Enclosed

This form & $15.00

Information about artist ( How long, who taught you ) tell people about you & your art work, speaking, storytelling, dancing or drumming talent. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Lodging is available at the Mayfair Motel #507-825-3348,Calumet Inn #507-825-5871, Super Eight #507-825-4217, KOA Camp ground #507-825-2455. People with white canvas tents or tipis can stay in their tents which will be located around the Historic Rock Island Depot. Number Limited first come first serve.

Presenters will be assigned times which they will need to be demonstrating their art, storytelling, drumming, dancing, or speaking. You are welcome to sell or trade before, after and during presentations.

All Artist, speakers, storytellers, drummers and dancers and other volunteers will receive a certificate for a free Indian taco during our Indian taco sale on Saturday.

All participants will conduct themselves in a respectable manner absolutely no drugs or alcohol allowed during event. Individuals are responsible for security and safety of their personal property and minor children. Members with red arm bands (may be referred to as Dog Soldiers) will help patrol and will be available to answer questions you might have.

We will be advertising in numerous area papers, on all the local radio stations, as well as fliers in the local communities, Internet home pages, And to all our members throughout the US.

Everyone is welcome to participate in the presentations, sweat lodge, and blessing. We need to know if you plan to attend these events so we can include all those interested. People participating in the sweat and blessing will be asked to bring food to be included in a potluck.

Space is limited and will be given on a first come first serve basis.

Participants may set up starting 8:00am Aug. 26th and must be set up by 10:00am Aug.27th. We ask that no one take down before 5:00PM Sunday and are welcome to stay till Monday 1:00PM Aug 30th.

All participants are responsible for a clean camp or display area during and after the event. No fires will be allowed.



I believe in preserving the sacred tradition of the pipe to all Native Americans by assuring free access to The Great Pipestone Quarries of Minnesota by members of all tribes, as they have been for time immortal and support the art form of pipemaking.

I would like to be a member of your organization The Keepers Of The Sacred Tradition Of Pipemakers.

I believe that The Great Pipestone Quarries, and the three maidens should be maintained as a sacred site for peace among all nations. I also believe It is important to preserve each tribes unique culture, arts and stories for future generations

Annual membership

Associate $25.00


Executive Board ( must be voted in)

Voting Council Member ( must be voted in)

I am ( check all that apply)

Interested in preserving Native Culture, Arts & Histories.

A Spiritual leader

A Pipe Carrier

A Pipemaker

A Native Artisan

Tribal member

Tribe ________________________

Enrollment #__________________

Members receive a monthly news letter, 10% discount at gift shop and special prices on supplies for Artisans.




I would like to make a donation of

$50.00 receive Pipestone Turtle

$100.00 Pipemaker video

$200.00 Keeper Jacket

$500.00 Pipe & Jacket

$1000.00 Turtle, Video, Jacket, & Pipe

Please include full name and complete address so that we may contact you.

Name ____________________________

Partner ____________________________

Address ____________________________

City _______________________

State _______________________

Zip _______________________

Child ____________________________

Child ____________________________

Child ____________________________

Child ____________________________

Phone ____________________________

e-mail _________________________________

Fax ____________________________

I would like to be involved by?